Innovation Time - Feel entrepreneurship

Innovation Time is a student association created in 2014, with students from EPFL and Unil (University of Lausanne ), all of whom share the passion of entrepreneurship. The Innovation Time committee wishes to convey to others the want to undertake. The association has an online newspaper on its website, with articles, interviews and shared experiences; to summarize, it's a platform to exchange and share, where anyone can inform themselves and find the answers to many diverse subjects about the start-up world.
The team is now developing a structure that will function as an incubator to accompany the most motivated students who wish to start the development of their enterprise. - Le site des bons plans étudiants

Etudeal is the new partner for all French-speaking students but also parents, teachers and bosses !
This platform was created to answer the different needs of student life. It offers a wide range of services such as sales, requests, offers, opportunities and much more, and that, in every imaginable field !

To make it short, etudeal is nothing but good deals all in one website !

B2S – Business to School

B2S helps HES-SO and BFH students find a company for their bachelor/master thesis. The students can put down topic proposals which will be announced to the registered company or they can choose a topic proposed by a company through the platform.
B2S also brings together offers of internships and first jobs to the HES students from over 1'000 registered companies. - Le Quiz gagnant

On, you can answer each day to 10 questions (humor, knowledge, news questions...). In exchange, you win gifts and vouchers from our partners !
And it all takes less than 2 minutes per day. What else ?

AGE – Association générale des Étudiants

The AGE "Association Générale des Étudiants" is the students association of the University of Applied Sciences of the Canton de Vaud (HEIG-VD).
Composed exclusively of students, it organizes a variety of activities in favor of students.

Whether it be a company visit, a party, a conference or any other event on the campus, the aura of the AGE is there to favor meetings and exchanges between students.

To sum it up, the AGE is a team of artists dedicated to the promotion of culture and good mood within the HEIG-VD.


Unilive is a free open-air festival taking place on the campus of the University of Lausanne.
The organizing committee is really excited to announce it’s 3rd edition, on April 30th, 2015.
What is Unilive 2015 ? It’s 8 hours of music, 2 stages, over 5'000 spectators, an even bigger site and best of all, a cool and festive atmosphere !
Be prepared ! It’s going to be the most incredible ever !

Baleinev Festival

On 22th May 2015, the Baleinev Festival is waiting for you with its 3 music stages. You will be able to enjoy various music, such as Rock, Electro and house artists, for a whole night long dancing party !
A festival dedicated to high stage and music performances.

Pimp My Wall is back and this will be the biggest interactive wall in Switzerland, set-up to offer to its public a great and unique experience with screens spread throughout the festival, part of the building will also be a giant screen.

The organizing team of the Baleinev Festival is making everything possible to make your night the most memorable and a good break during your revision time.

We hope to see you all on the 22 May 2015 for a great party !

Campus Fever

Campus Fever is an Open-Air Festival takes place on an evening. Its purpose is simple: to allow all students to meet for a good time in music. The event has consistently remained among the essential events of student life in Freiburg, and beyond.
Success, the expertise of the organizers and still supports most important of the High Schools Fribourg allowed the festival to grow and become more professional. In recent years, the event attracted over 4,000 people.

On 5 June 2015, Campus Fever will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Come on !